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I'm back!!!

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I'm back!!!

Post by Bronzy on Sat May 25, 2013 9:55 pm

Hey guys! I guess i'm going to start play again! Some of you might remember me from before, but if you don't, hope to meet you guys! Very Happy Funny how I found out that this server was still going, I was looking for a picture of my old bird because I wanted to show it to someone and I remembered that I had a picture on some forums, and then I remembered it was on THESE forums, so I searched in Myplestory on google, and it's still here! I thought this server was shut down but nope, guess it's still here! Well just post below if any of you know me from before, or want to know me and i'll see you guys in-game! IGN is gonna be Bronzy, but my other account is glitched and if Bronzy is taken because of that account, i'll just name myself xBronzy! See you guys in-game! Very Happy

EDIT: Yup, Bronzy is taken, so i'll just name myself xBronzy. Sad
EDIT 2: Also, Gigit could you please talk to me on Skype or answer below or in game?



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