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Gucci's GM application

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Gucci's GM application

Post by B.Gucci on Sun Apr 07, 2013 8:18 pm

Age: 17
Name: Brooklyn
Time Zone: PST

Why I want to be a GM.
I've wanted to be a gm for a while on this serve, the main reason is to help improve the player base, keep players happy, decrease amount of hackers.

How many hours can you contribute to the server? i can contribute about 3-6 hours daily.(probably will be 4+ hours)

Why should we pick you?: I feel that i can help people with their problems in game and questions they want to have answered based on the server/forums/voting etc. I have been a myple player for a very long time as i played.I am mature for my age, at least in my town i am lol, and i am fun and lively but can be strict and serious if i need to be.

Any special qualities?: when i set a goal for myself to achieve, i would like to achieve it even if the chances are slim. I also have a creative mind (to me at least) and will try to think of multiple solutions and problems before reacting.

If you weren't picked what would you do?: Well, in past experiences of dreaming of being a GM, i had the audacity to ask how to become one. Every single person i asked said, "you just have to help other players and be dedicated to the server," and i will do just that if i was not picked, then i will study the server more so that i can answer any question and to support this server in good and bad times.

What i would do if i see a hacker? If i spotted a hacker i would warn them first because they are using macros/bots/hacks that is giving the player an unfair advantage. then i would closely watch the player to see if he or she uses the bot/hacks/macros again. if i do catch them then i would ban them for ignoring my first warning or rollback their account (if i had the power to probably not though). if i was requested to ban someone though, then i would need a video of the hacker hacking in game as a picture may or may not be legit. If i see the hack being done, i will contact the coders and owners to see if the hack that they were using can be blocked so that future hackers can not use the same hack. i would then ban the player with the consent and permission from both the owner (co-owner if the owner is not available), this will also apply to the process of "if i had spotted a hacker".

What could you bring to Myplestory? I can not guarantee many things but i promise that i will be loyal, honest, trustworthy, a good friend, understanding and respectful. i will also let the community my thoughts on the server as it is and how it can be updated to have a longer life span (less hackers, a better Myplestory experience and to allow players to love the server).

Action against a rude player, swearing at me? warn them that the language that they are currently using is high offensive and will be given a warning. if they do not stop, then i will mute them (if possibly) and will stay muted until they send and appeal on why they should be un-muted. if i catch them again, then i will suspend them for a short period of time (an hour at most as some players may swear when frustrated and when the have an hour to relax, they will feel better and possibly stop excessively swear).


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Re: Gucci's GM application

Post by Blows on Sun Apr 07, 2013 11:03 pm

Nicely written; although some ideas aren't very original compared to other posters. Best of luck to you, anyways.


Current IGN's-Blows, WolfGang, GolfWang, Head McCain(Current Character).
I am a loyal man to this server. Doubt me, and you will be fed to the pigs.


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Re: Gucci's GM application

Post by Umbreon on Mon Apr 08, 2013 11:30 pm

Your logic on banning/hacking I do not agree with.

- You cannot rollback players
- You cannot mute players
- You can only ban in days not hours.

These are the types of things you need to know. I suggest studying up, simply searching it up on the internet should work for now.

There are multiple small things you need to know, like the ones above.

Based on the information I have given U, I suggest recreating your Application since your application is filled with things you cannot do as a GM.

My ideology towards hackers ( The much accepted ideology):

When catching a hacker do the following.....

- Use !charinfo (ign)
- This allows me to see the characters IP address.
- Yes all level GM's have access to this command
- I then write down their IP address on a peace of paper/word document
- This acts as a list of hacker IP addresses, in which you can look back on to see if someone has multiple offences hacking,
- I would then take a SS/Video of the hacker, hacking, making sure to include the IP which would show up in the chat after using !charinfo
- Once doing all the following I would check if the hacker has already been caught once hacking, if they have already been caught once hacking, then use IP ban. If this is their first offence I would do a normal ban.
- !ipban (ign) hacking
- !ban (ign) hacking
- Show no mercy for dupers/item creators, once finding proof of them duping/item creating, IP ban them immediately.
- Make sure to get SS proof, there are mutiple GM commands you can use to see if someone is a duper/item creator/ packet-er.
- If a player cares enough about their account to make a Ban appeal I would post the SS/Video on the ban appeal and w8 for another GM/Admin/Owner to deny the appeal.

These are just things I have picked up in my years of GMing/Admining.
Feel free to take my advice or throw it away.

Hope this was helpful.


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Re: Gucci's GM application

Post by Sponsored content

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